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British Columbia Park Rangers

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B.C. Park Rangers protect British Columbia’s most pristine and natural landscapes for future generations. Balancing conservation practices and scientific study, with world-class outdoor recreation opportunities and education. BC Park Rangers work tirelessly to protect and manage British Columbia’s natural spaces for British Columbians and visitors from around the world. Park Rangers are highly trained and passionate individuals responsible for enforcing nine pieces of provincial legislation and two pieces of federal legislation, along with certain provisions of the Criminal Code within Parks and Protected Areas. Authorities are granted through three pieces of legislation – the Park Act, Ecological Reserve Act and the Environment and Land Use Act. Under those acts Park Rangers have natural resource law enforcement authorities to:

  • protect park values and property
  • respond to public safety related issues.
  • deal with human-wildlife conflict prevention;

Rangers have some of the most broad skillsets and take on a variety of tasks and roles, from compliance/enforcement, trail maintenance, public engagement and education, public consultation, facilities repair and cleaning and conservation. Rangers work with private and public partners such as; the other BC Ministries, the Conservation Officers Service, the RCMP, Environment Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, First Nations, and local and provincial stakeholders.